Limoncello Spritz

This Limoncello Spritz is a fast, easy and refreshing cocktail!

With just 3 ingredients, you can pretend you’re hanging out on the Italian coast instead of…wherever you are right now. (And if right now you’re on the Italian coast, you can make it anyway!)

Limoncello Spritz isn’t just the cocktail we need. It’s the cocktail we deserve.

Limoncello spritzer with prosecco in a wine glass with ice, a lemon slice and sprig of thyme.

Close-up of 2 glasses of Limoncello Spritz on a wooden table surrounded by herbs and a bowl of lemons

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What is a Limoncello Spritz?

It’s a blast of happiness in the dead of winter. It’s bubbly joy in the middle of summer.

That’s why I always keep a bottle of limoncello ready to go.

A Sicilian recipe from over 100 years ago, limoncello combines vodka, lemons and sugar to alchemize into a sharp, sweet liqueur.

It’s perfect straight up, on the rocks, over ice cream or in cocktails like this Limoncello Spritz with Prosecco and soda water.

In fact, this might be one of the most popular drinks made with limoncello.

Just 3 simple ingredients are quickly layered, stirred and sipped.

Before you know it, you’re sitting on an outdoor patio, looking over jagged cliffs into the emerald Mediterranean Sea.

This easy prosecco cocktail is similar to the Aperol Spritz and Campari Spritz. But the limoncello adds its unique sweet, tart, lemony goodness, as if lemonade got drunk.

Since limoncello is from southern Italy, this is often referred to as the Amalfi Spritz (as the Amalfi Coast runs along southern Italy).

Or some call it the Limoncello Spritzer but: oof. The word “spritzer” conjures up a whole other world of sugary-sweet iced wines. I’d rather not insult it with that association.

An overhead shot of 2 glasses of Limoncello Spritz on a wooden table surrounded by a bowl of lemons, a wooden cutting board and half a lemon

How to make a Limoncello Spritz

  1. Fill a large wineglass about halfway with ice.
  2. Pour in the limoncello, then the Prosecco, then the soda water.
  3. It’s up to you if you want to stir it. Some want the flavors blended, some want the drink to start light and get boozier as you go.
  4. Garnish with lemon slices and sprigs of fresh thyme, rosemary or basil, if desired.

An Italian limoncello drink in a wine glass with ice cubes, a lemon slice and sprig of thyme.


Can I make a big batch for a crowd?

Yep! I include instructions below for making a larger amount in a pitcher.


Is limoncello strong?

Most commercial brands’ alcohol content is around 24%-32% (or 48-64 proof). So yes, even though it’s easy to drink, it’s deceptively strong.


How do I store limoncello?

You can keep limoncello in your liquor cabinet, in the fridge or even in the freezer so it can really be as refreshing as possible (it will remain liquid, not freeze solid).


How and when do I serve a Limoncello Spritz?

You can use highball glasses or really big wine glasses.

It’s so easy to make it’s perfect for parties large or small

It’s a great substitute for mimosas at brunch, especially for Mother’s Day or Easter.

It would go great alongside my Grilled Italian Platter and Strawberry, Cucumber and Arugula Salad with Poppy Seed Yogurt Dressing.

Or throw the necessary bottles into your cooler for a picnic.


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2 images of Limoncello Spritz in 2 glasses on a wooden table surrounded be herbs, lemons and a bowl of lemons
Limoncello spritzer with prosecco in a wine glass with ice, a lemon slice and sprig of thyme.
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Limoncello Spritz

Just 3 ingredients conjure up the sunny hills of Italy in this bubbly cocktail. Limoncello, Prosecco and soda water are the perfect partners for an instant party.
Prep Time2 minutes
Total Time2 minutes
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Italian
Keyword: cocktail, lemon, limoncello, spritz
Servings: 1 cocktail
Author: Don Baiocchi


  • 2 oz. limoncello
  • 4 oz. Prosecco
  • 2 oz. soda water
  • 1 lemon slice, for garnish
  • 1 sprig of mint, basil or thyme for garnish (optional)


  • Pour the limoncello, Prosecco and soda water in the order shown into a highball or large wineglass filled with ice. Stir if desired and garnish with the lemon slice and, if using, an herb sprig.

To make 8 drinks:

  • Pour 1 (750) ml bottle of limoncello and 2 (750) ml bottles of Prosecco into a large pitcher or punch bowl. Stir and pour into highballs or large wineglasses filled with ice. Top with soda water (you'll need about 16 oz. total). Garnish with lemon slices and, if desired, herb sprigs.


There are some limoncellos that add milk for a creamy texture that would also work well in this cocktail.





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2 glasses of Limoncello Spritz on a wooden table surrounded by herbs and a bowl of lemons

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